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Blogging For Links – Linkbait

Blogging is great way to generate more content for your website. Before, we answered the question – company blog – onsite or offsite? We came to a conclusion that onsite might be more beneficial as you are adding new fresh content to your main website often (hopefully daily). Well apart from the obvious benefit of new fresh content being added to you website, you also have a great opportunity to attract all important links. How do you do this? Well in the SEO world we like to call this linkbait.


Basically linkbait can be defined as writing something so good on your website that people want to link to your post as it gives their blog more value. Let’s take a look at some common linkbaiting techniques:

Talk about a certain community:If you know something about a certain community write a good, thoughtful post on them. Chances are that if the post is good enough you will attract links from that communities online presence.

Be Thorough: Leave no stone unturned. A well researched article has a good chance of being linked to.

Be Controversial: You don’t always have to follow what other people say. If you feel different to a public opinion, write about it! Not only will you get tongues wagging, you might also attract some great links.

Write an article about someone important. Even better, if you can mix this with something controversial you will attract a bunch of links. This Britney Spears……

These are just a few ways that you can build good linkbait. If you spend any time at all looking for new links, you will see the importance of this process. It can take hours to write a good, we research article, but you will save DAYS on link building.


October 28, 2008 at 8:19 am 3 comments

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