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3 On Page Optimisation Tricks

If you ever want your website to be seen on the search engines, you need to optimise your site accordingly. Too many people are more than happy to throw a website together quickly without any real SEO plan. Unfortunately this makes it nearly impossible to rank for keywords you might be going for. The good news is that with a little bit of insight you can easily optimise your pages to ensure you have the correct SEO techniques that will increase your visability on different search engines.

Here are 3 onpage optimisation tricks you can apply to your website:

Keep to a theme. Every page that you create shoud be targetting one or two (tops) keywords that you are going for. Then craft every page carefully targetting the keyword. This way you have a much better chance of ranking for your desired keywords here.

Optimise your meta tags: Once you have established the theme of your page, be sure to optimise your meta tags accordingly. This is a very important step. Search engine crawlers will be able to instantly tell what your website is about.

Sprinkle your keywords around. Just like the way you have salt on your food, sprinkle your keyword around your page. Don’t go over board, that is called keyword stuffing and is frowned upon but search engines. If your keyword is added to the page too much, you will do more harm then good.

These are 3 on page optimisation tricks that you can instantly use on your website to increase your chances of being ranked on search engines. Here is another cool article on optimisation.


September 11, 2008 at 1:23 pm 1 comment

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