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Effective Link Building

If you ask almost anyone who is starting out in SEO what the hardest part of search engine optimisation is they will probably tell you link building. Effective link building is one of the best things you could ever do for your website. You can read about why links are so important here. So which type of links should you be striving for? The only kind that REALLY matter, one way links! Thats right, one way links are definately the way to go if you really want to run an effective link building campaign. So how do you go about getting these one way links? Here are a few ideas:

Article Marketing is a great way to get one way links back to your website. Submit your articles to websites like Make sure they are relevant to your website and add a link pointing back to your site. If done correctly, this is a very effective link building technique.

Link Bait. This is perhaps my the best way to get quality, one way links. The idea is that you write an article on your site that is really really good and others will want to link to. So you get good traffic and great one way links pouring into your site!

Directory Submission: Free directories are a pretty good way to get one way links. Basically there are tons of websites out there that serve as directories, allowing webmasters to submit there sites and gain a link back to there own website. The only problem is that it can be extremely time consuming and there is no guarantee that your submission will be accepted. In other words this might not be the most effective link building technique out there.

Blog Posting. Starting a blog is a great way to build links to your website. What you must realise is that it does take a bit of work and you need to keep it up. So for a long term link building plan, it is fantastic.

Most of all, use your brain. Think creatively about it. The internet is so vast that there is so much opportunity to get quality links to your site. Rule of thumb? Go for quality not quantity. Make that the benchmark of your effective link building campaign.


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