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SEO – On Page Optimization Tips

There are two parts to SEO: on page optimization and off page optimization. Off page optimization involves all the things that happen off your website (like link building) that affect your search engine rankings, while the on page optimization is what happens on your website. Both are very important to your visibility on the search engines. We are going to look at a few great tips to ensure that your website is as search engine friendly as possible.

SEO On Page Optimization Tip #1: Your title tags are THE tags. Thats right, your title tag is the most important META tag on your website. You need to make sure you get your primary keyword in there first. So many times you will see a website put the name of the company first in the title tag. Big mistake. Remember, people are not necessarily searching for the NAME of your company, they are looking for a product or service, i.e. SEO. Another mistake is to try and put too MANY keywords in your title. You will not rank for much this way as you are diluting the main keyword phrase. Lastly, don’t duplicate your title tags across your website. You have a great opportunity here to rank for many keywords over many pages.

SEO On Page Optimization Tip #2: Use your image alt tags. This is overlooked too often. When ever you place an image on your page you have the chance to tell search engines exactly what that image is about. As you know search engines can’t read pictures, so if you use the alt tag smartly you can get a few more vital keywords into your webpage. NOTE: Don’t use this excessively! If you have lots of pictures on your page there is no need to label every single one, it may be seen as spamming.

SEO On Page Optimization Tip #3: Take advantage of your header tags. You header tags (H1, H2, H3) are an awesome way to put extra weight on your most important keywords. Many websites that I take a look at choose to ignore this for some reason. A good way to use you H1 tag is use the main keyword you are going for on that particular page. And where do you find that? Well is should be the first few words of your title tag, right?

SEO On Page Optimization Tip #4: Interlinking your webpages is like link building, on page style! The idea is to link to your main pages within the body of your text. Sounds easy enough, well too many people don’t do this. If you have a fairly large website and interlink properly, you will see your rankings drastically improve. Two things to remember:

1. Put more weight on your ‘money’ pages. So link to the pages that you actually want to rank for.

2. Use the correct anchor text. If you are going for the keyword SEO Online Specialists then use that as your anchor text.

Those are four excellent SEO on page optimization tips that you can apply to your website to help increase its visability on the web!


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3 On Page Optimisation Tricks

If you ever want your website to be seen on the search engines, you need to optimise your site accordingly. Too many people are more than happy to throw a website together quickly without any real SEO plan. Unfortunately this makes it nearly impossible to rank for keywords you might be going for. The good news is that with a little bit of insight you can easily optimise your pages to ensure you have the correct SEO techniques that will increase your visability on different search engines.

Here are 3 onpage optimisation tricks you can apply to your website:

Keep to a theme. Every page that you create shoud be targetting one or two (tops) keywords that you are going for. Then craft every page carefully targetting the keyword. This way you have a much better chance of ranking for your desired keywords here.

Optimise your meta tags: Once you have established the theme of your page, be sure to optimise your meta tags accordingly. This is a very important step. Search engine crawlers will be able to instantly tell what your website is about.

Sprinkle your keywords around. Just like the way you have salt on your food, sprinkle your keyword around your page. Don’t go over board, that is called keyword stuffing and is frowned upon but search engines. If your keyword is added to the page too much, you will do more harm then good.

These are 3 on page optimisation tricks that you can instantly use on your website to increase your chances of being ranked on search engines. Here is another cool article on optimisation.

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