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Gotta Give A Little Link Love

This is something that many people are extremely reluctant to do. Incoming links are very important to increasing your rankings on search engine. This makes people unwilling to share their link love. There is so much to read about how you can essentially ‘bleed’ your page rank. So in essence you create a water tight site where only link juice can enter and nothing gets out.

Who does this?

There are tons of websites that have no follow links to external websites. Wikipedia comes to mind. They used to have do follow attributes on all of their outgoing links, now all of those are not followed by search engines. Of course there are lots of websites like this. They hog all the link love and become these powerful dominators if they are big enough.

I really dont think that this is best SEO practice.

Firstly, surely this starts to look a tad unnatural? Really, the whole idea of the web is a flowing presence of webpages interconnected by hyperlinks. I am by no means saying that you should link to every website you come across, only ones you feel are relevant to the page/article you have created.

What are the advantages of sharing link love?

Well I am pretty sure that they help with your page rank. I know that page rank is not the be all and end all of determining whether a website is any good or not, but for a guy like me its a good indicator to tell me I am sort of on the right track. I would like to use this very blog as an example. At time of writing I have had for just under 1 month.  I have had 15 posts (this on will be 16). I try to write everyday, but some days that is just impossible.

Checking Yahoo!’s site explorer I find I have a mere 20 links coming into my site, none of which are particularly strong, but my page rank has increased from the gray bar to 3.

What can be the cause of this? Maybe it does have something to do with me using a WordPress subdomain blog, but I have been linking out to really good, relevant websites since my first post.

I truely believe that it is because of this that my has a good page rank in under one month.

I would love to hear what other people think on the matter.


September 30, 2008 at 1:08 pm 3 comments

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