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Best Free Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research is an integral part of a successful website. Why? If you dont choose the right keywords then no one is going to find your website! Think about it, if no one is searching for the keywords you have crafted your pages around, then you might rank for them on the SERPS, but obviously they will never be seen!

Whats the best free keyword research tool?

I would highly recommend using the Google Keyword Tool. This is for a number of reasons. Google is by far the leader in the search engine industry so I would listen to their stats more than any other engine. As you start to learn about keyword research you will also come across countless paid keyword research tools. They all have fancy bells and whistles, but usually the sales page is better than the tool itself. Oh, and did I mention that the Google keyword tool is free?

Another awesome tool is SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool. Have play around with that and I am sure you will some great keywords for your website.

Wordtracker has a great free keyword tool here. Unfortunately is is a little limited, although you can find some great long tail keywords using it.

Remember, it is very essential SEO practise to cleverly theme your webpages around one or two keywords to ensure you get ranked in the SERPs.


September 17, 2008 at 10:17 am 3 comments

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