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How To Over Optimise Your Website.

Read an interesting article here about not over optimising your websites. I would like to add a few words to that. I have seen many website owners fall into this trap. What happens is that people get far to keen on trying to rank for a specific keyword that they lose track of the big picture. And what is that? Well, you are building a website for HUMANS and not for search engines. This is the fundemental idea behind having a website.

SO how can you over optimise your website?

First trap I see many people fall into is in their meta description tags. Stuffing you title, description and keyword tags with as many relevant keywords as possible is not going to do you any good. Remember you should be theming your pages around one to two keywords max.

Going heading crazy! Overuse of your heading tags will also probably raise some alarms. You should not have more that one <h1> tag and try and keep the h2-3 down to a minumum of two per page.

Keyword density. This is a little bit of a grey area. Obviously you can’t completely stuff a page full of keywords, but you don’t want to be too light on your main keyword either. Recommended: Stick to a density of around 2% and you should be fine.

It is easy for webmasters to get over eager and over optimise their sites thinking that they will rank better in the SERPS. Don’t let that be you!


September 25, 2008 at 7:33 am 1 comment

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