Interlinking – The Great Link Opportunity

October 20, 2008 at 8:43 am Leave a comment

Oh boy, this is an oldie, but a goodie. I see this time and time again on websites. Webmasters are missing out on the ideal opportunity to channel their PageRank and funnel it to the most important pages on their website. It still amazes me how many websites miss out on this opportunity.

Great Link Opportunity #1: Your Logo

Many websites these days are built from CMS systems. Two popular ones that come to mind are WordPress and Joomla. The reason being it makes it very easy for the average Joe to have their own website without having any real technical skills. For these types of websites you might notice that the name of your blog or your logo will directly link to the homepage. The thing is, many pages that are not made from CMS systems like this forget to link the logo to the home page. This is a great interlinking chance gone astray.

Great Link Opportunity #2: Use your menus.

If you do use a CMS, you have little say on the structure of your menus. WordPress for example, will automatically add links to the pages in the horizontal menu and posts to the vertical menu on your site. While this may work you could also try and make links on the footer. Create a footer menu and you can channel your PageRank to the most important pages on your site. Remember, it is not completely necessary to link to EVERY page on your website from the footer menu, only the most important pages on your site, i.e. your money pages.

Great Link Opportunity #3: In content linking.

Within your pages you should have your main targeted keywords sprinkled around your content. These keywords are awesome anchor text opportunities. What what you need to to do is link these keywords to the relevant page they are related too (i.e. if you are trying to rank for the term link building, then use that as anchor text to link to the page that you are trying to rank for.)

These are some great ways to take full advantage of internal linking on your website.


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