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Build Reciprocal Links – Is It Worth It?

Link building is an extremely important part of the SEO process. Incoming links to your website are seen as a vote to search engines. This means that you have something good and so worthwhile on your website that someone else is willing to link to you. There are a few different types of linking strategies that you can use.

You can build reciprocal links which we will get to in a moment.

You can build one way links, meaning that someone links to you and you don’t link back to them.

Or you can build three way links. This can be done if: site A links to site B, site B links to site C and site C links to site A.

Out of those three techniques the winner is one way linking. You get maximum PageRank from quality, anchor text targeted one way links. That begs the question: when you build reciprocal links, is it worth it?

Well it’s actually quite a difficult question to answer. I know some people that swear by it, and others that wouldn’t touch them with a stick. My personal opinion is that, like with everything in life, use them in moderation. Obviously first prize are quality, one way links. However, they are a lot harder to get than reciprocal links. So if you are looking to build reciprocal links, here are a few tips to help you out:

1. Place a link on your site to the other site before you approach the webmaster. This is a must do. Before you ask anyone to trade links with you, you should always first place a link on your website to them.

2. See how many links are on their “link” page. You really dont want to be at the bottom of a list of 200 links. See how many links the website has on the page where you are likely to be linked to from. Rule of thumb: if there are already 20+ links on that page, move on.

Building reciprocal links can be worth it, however for a more effective link building campaign, go for one way links. This way you can take full advantage of the link juice that is passed from the other website.


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